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St John’s Wort – Full Definition

St John's Wort Full Definition
St John’s wort: A flowering plant, Hypericum perforatum, also known as St John’s wort, that has long been believed to have medicinal qualities. There is some evidence that St John’s wort may possibly be useful in diminishing depression but high-quality clinical evidence is lacking. Sun sensitivity, fatigue, stomach upset, drug interactions and allergic reactions are among the side effects that have been reported in people taking St John’s wort.
: any of a genus (Hypericum of the family Guttiferae, the Saint-John’s-wort family) of herbs and shrubs with showy yellow flowers especially : one (H. perforatum) of dry soil, roadsides, pastures, and ranges that contains a photodynamic pigment causing dermatitis due to photosensitization in sheep, cattle, horses, and goats when ingested — see hypericism
Usually Saint John’s wort : the dried aerial parts of a Saint-John’s-wort (Hypericum perforatum) that are held to relieve depression and are used in herbal remedies and dietary supplements.
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