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proteins – Image Gallery

Proteins Image Gallery. (Images description from left to right.)
Image –
1 – Carrier Protein vs. Channel Protein

Carrier Protein – Changes shape to move specific molecules in or out of the cell.
ie. Glucose

See – molecule | glucose

2 – Cell Membrane Structure
 – Globular Proteins
 – Glycoprotein
 – Carbohydrate Sugar Chain
 – Cholesterol
 – Hydrophillic Heads
 – Cell Membrane Receptor Proteins
 – Integral Membrane Proteins
 – Peripheral Membrane Proteins
 – Hydrophobic Tail
 – Phospholipid Bilayer

3 – Channel Protein Definition & Function
Carrier-mediated transport. – the process by which molecules pass through a membrane via a channel protein.
– Plasma membrane
 – Water Soluble Molecules
 – Fat Soluble Molecules

4 – Chemistry of Proteins
Proteins are organic compounds with a high molecular weight formed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen & nitrogen & may also contain phosphorous, sulphur, colouring non-protein organic groups & metal ions.
They are polymers formed of sub-units called amino acids linked together by peptide linkage.

5 – RNA – DNA Structures

6 – Proteins  – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary & Quarternary Structures
Primary Structure – amino acid sequence.
Secondary Structure – regular sub-structures
Tertiary Structure – three dimensional structure.
Quarternary Structure – complex of protein molecules

7 – Protein-Rich Foods.

See – Full Definition

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