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minoxidil – Full Definition

minoxidil - Full Definition

Definition of minoxidil
Definition of Loniten

minoxidil /mɪˈnɒksɪdɪl/noun – [ Medication ]
Brand Name: Loniten
: a synthetic drug which is used as a vasodilator in the treatment of hypertension, and is also used in lotions to promote hair growth.
: a vasodilator, C9H15N5O, administered orally for the treatment of severe hypertension and used topically to promote the regrowth of hair in male and female pattern baldness.
[(a)min(o)- + oxid(e) + -il (alteration of -yl).]

: a vasodilating drug used for treating severe hypertension and also applied topically to promote hair growth in some types of baldness.
[1965–70; (a) min(o)– + ox(y)-2 + (piper)idi(ny)l, a chemical component; see piperidine, -yl]

Synonyms2,4-Pyrimidinediamine, 6-(1-piperidinyl)-, 3-oxide | Loniten | Minoxidil Pfizer Brand | Pfizer Brand of Minoxidil | Regaine | Rogaine | U 10858

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