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Physical Health

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Reversing Cancer

The following is an inspiring personal story from Cancer Survivor, Rob Moore from his blog entitled “Optimal Health” on the platform.

Before & After Cancer. Selfies from Rod Moore.

They say that when you get diagnosed with cancer your life divides into two halves. Life before diagnosis and life after.

I had heard that many times before but the truth behind that statement was lost on me … until 17th May 2019.

That was the day I received the diagnosis.

It was definitely life changing.

I knew it was coming though. The journey down the rabbit hole of cancer diagnosis and treatment started back in November 2018.

A routine doctors visit to check on my high blood pressure (actually out of control blood pressure). At the last minute as she completed the paper work for the blood test she asked me ‘How old are you again?’

Fifty was my response. In my head I was thinking I felt one hundred and fifty.

Her response ‘We best check your PSA as well then’ and she wrote it on the request. I had no idea what a PSA was so I said ‘Okay’.

A few days later I get a call from her office asking me to come back in as my PSA level was elevated. That started a journey that turned out to be life altering. (Note — PSA is a blood marker that is used for early screening of Prostate Cancer)

From that point forward I went from one series of doctors visits, tests, scans, hospital visits etc etc to another until the 17th May.

As I slipped further down the slope of diagnosis I started to question everything. It was becoming more obvious by the day that things were not turning out the way I had hoped.

By late February I started to investigate what the medical community would consider to be alternate, but what I believe to be more natural alternatives. Extensive research on the medical industry treatments ie Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy / Hormone Therapy, where not getting me excited to say the least.

I started seeking evidence that cancer can be reversed through lifestyle interventions.

I read with interest the research study conducted by Dr Dean Ornish where he showed it was possible to lower PSA rates and outcomes in a group of men with Prostate Cancer through lifestyle interventions vs the control group who made no lifestyle changes.

Reference —

That was all the hope I needed.

I began to do my own research and set out on a quest to educate myself on how to restore the body to Optimal Health through natural holistic means. It is my belief that cancer can not survive in a truly healthy body.

One observation that was causing me great concern is that the entire medical establishment have no focus on returning patients to optimal health … their entire focus is on treatments of illness.

The human body has infinite intelligence and will heal itself and restore itself to optimal health given the right environment.

My extensive research and self education program which consisted of 2–3 hours a day of reading published peer reviewed journals, watching lectures and so on led me to the inevitable conclusion on what constituted the ideal lifestyle to allow the body to return to optimal health.

All the evidence pointed to a natural holistic approach and the adoption of a 100% Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. This combined with stress management,meditation and changing my personal identity.

So in March 2019 I adopted this lifestyle. It wasn’t easy at first.

I struggled with giving up all animal foods. I struggled with having my last drink of alcohol. It nearly destroyed me emotionally saying good bye to coffee who had been my fateful companion for so long. Breaking the addiction to sugar and processed foods is not easy.

But I persisted past the pain points.

Then a funny thing happened.

In my quest to reverse cancer through the adoption of a more natural holistic lifestyle my body began to heal itself.

Aches and pains started to disappear. Digestive issues and stomach pain I had learned to live with where gone. No more constipation and diarrhoea. The near exhaustion state that I had lived in for so long reversed and all of a sudden I had energy. My blood pressure started to come down and the psoriasis disappeared.

And my body started to release unwanted and unnecessary fat stores.

Over six months I went from a BMI of 37.3 to 29.9. A loss of 24.8kg or 55 pounds. I still have another 10kg to go but I have absolute certainty that this will be released in time.

Truth is I had been Obese for way too long. Most of my adult life.

It is my belief that Obesity (and being overweight) is an indication that your current lifestyle is making you ill. Chronic disease and illness don’t happen over night. They take years and decades to develop.

The first real sign that you are on the wrong path with your lifestyle though is that your BMI is above 25 indicating you are either overweight or obese.

Being overweight or obese is the gateway to all manner of chronic illness and disease. I had two of the big three … cancer and heart disease. Thankfully I dodged the Diabetes bullet.

Please do yourself a favour and go check your BMI now. If its above 25 change your lifestyle today to avoid having the train run off the tracks at some point in the future.

You can check your BMI here —

Don’t wait until its too late. Your health is way to important.

For me being diagnosed with cancer turned out to be a blessing. It was the leverage I needed to re-invent my life. To adopt a more empowering lifestyle that has had profound benefits for my health, energy and overall quality of life.

Source – | via – Optimal Health