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Philosophy and Practice of Medicine in Ancient Egypt – (Video Analysis)

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Topics Covered –

  • Egyptian Civilization far exceeded other contemporary cultures.
  • Much more is known about Egyptian Civilization due to their language & arts, particularly Hieroglyphics & architecture.
  • Mummification teaches us a lot.
  • Much has been preserved in ancient writing carved in stone or written on paper scrolls called papyri.
  • Immortality central to Egyptian Civilization.
  • Book of the Dead. Example of an individual facing judgement whose heart is being weighed against the Feather of Truth.
  • The importance of the heart.
  • Modern Egyptian Civilization developed around the Nile Delta.
  • Desiccation important part of mumification.
  • The practice of embalming.
  • A substance called Natron used in mummification. Natron is comprised of Sodium Bi Carbonate & Sodium Carbonate.
  • Autopsy of mummies. First performed in 1825 in England.
  • CT Scan & Xray as an alternative to invasive Autopsy.
  • Interesting data on height of Egyptians compared to modern people.
  • Egyptians who lived during the Dynastic period shorter than those who lived before.
  • Egyptians who lived before the Dynastic period existed by hunting & so had higher protein diet. Those who lived during the Dynastic period existed by agriculture & had higher consumption of grain.
  • Lack of bone growth also due to disease.
  • Data on Life Expectancy. 57.30